Heat Treatment Equipment

1Since its founding in 1991 the Thermotest Group has been at the forefront of the heat treatment industry, providing Heat Treatment Accessories for its own group operations and to major Customers in Asia, Europe and The United States. The range of equipment includes recorders, thermocouples, heaters and connectors as well as standard insulation products.

Manufacturing Division – Heat Treatment Consumables 2

Heat Treatment Equipment / Recorders / Programmers and Thermocouple Units Also Manufactured By Thermotest.

50 Kva Heat Treatment Equipment

3The unit shown incorporates Fuji Ramp
generator modules – 1 per channel allowing
individual control of each heating zone or
alternatively the zones can commence
heating simultaneously for applications that
require this function. Units incorporate a hold
feature that can be utilised to manually hold
zones while problem solving other channels if
required, they are ideal for both pre and
post weld heat treatment cycles.
Also incorporated as standard is the Auto
Manual Function that allows the units to
operate with a remote programmer if

42 x Aux Power Supplies
300 Amp Fittings avoid Camlock and
cable burn out.
Custom Built Trolley Designs also available.
Removable Panels for ease of

Standard 50 Kva Unit


Oven And Furnaces


A full range of custom designed ovens and Furnaces to suite temperatures within the range of 300 to 1100 deg Celsius. Both Gas fired and Electric fired options are available. Laboratory Ovens. Normalising and annealing Furnaces. Heat Treatment Furnaces.




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